Helping Haiti

17 01 2010

I’ve been so encouraged to see, hear and read about all my friends who are finding ways to help out those in Haiti affected by the recent earthquake. It’s amazing to think of how our “little” contributions may feel like nothing, but together all these “little” contributions can and will make a difference.

I know it can feel overwhelming to think about the various organizations or causes that are working in Haiti, and not knowing what to do or who to give to. But I wanted to share a few things that some of my friends are personally involved with or have shared with me.

[1] Help End Local Poverty (HELP) is selling t-shirts, benefiting Real Hope For Haiti. Taken from the HELP website:

We are partnering with clinic and rescue center called Real Hope For Haiti ( by selling T-shirts to raise funds for their relief efforts in Haiti. 100% of all proceeds will go directly to Real Hope for Haiti, so they can care for the kids of Haiti.

CLICK HERE to order your shirt!

[2] Benefit Concert in Austin this Monday! All proceeds go to Real Hope For Haiti.

Monday, January 18
The Parish – Doors at 6pm – Show at 7pm

T-shirts and prints will also be on sale to raise money for relief efforts.

CLICK HERE to watch a KVUE news interview about the benefit concert.

[3] Craft Hope For Haiti – selling handmade goods, 100% goes to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.  CLICK HERE to visit their Etsy shop!

[4] Taken from the site:

Take action for the immediate cancellation of Haiti’s debt and to ensure new aid comes in the form of grants.

CLICK HERE to read and sign the petition.

[5] Help spread the word!



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